An Interview with a recent alumna from Harvard Business School -Part III 

Christina Appleton studied psychology and sociology as an undergrad at Northwestern University . Since completing her degree, Christina spent two years at Fox Sports as a marketing manager. Read how Christina tackled the Harvad MBA Application and Harvard MBA Essays here.

What trends did you notice within your class in regards to background, goals, diversity, etc.? Are there any particular groups that you feel were better served by the MBA degree than others?

I think that my class was very interesting in that the majority of us applied to school before the market crash, but started school after the crash. Many people had big goals of drastically changing their careers when they applied, but reality came into play once we arrived and many people just ended up going back to what they did before (largely consulting). A few people did take this opportunity to do their own thing (i.e. entrepreneurship) and I only see this trend growing.

I think that it’s easy to say that the MBA is set up for a job in consulting or banking because it’s “easiest” to see how that fits. Those are the companies that are all over campus, giving us free umbrellas and treating us to cocktail hours. I don’t think that these are the only people who are served by the degree though.

 What were the most memorable aspects of your MBA experience (academic, social, networking, etc.)? 

 The most memorable aspects were largely all social (or at least outside of class). The section retreats were tons of fun and experiences that I will never forget. I was the co-chair of the HBS Fashion Show (biggest charitable event on campus) and seeing all of our hard work go into the great show (and then giving the money to charity) was another great memory.

What were your impressions of the faculty at your school? Were they accessible to you? Were there any professors you connected with more than others? Did you find a mentor? 

The faculty at HBS are amazing. They are some of the best and the brightest in their fields, and are more accessible that I could have ever imagined. Most of the first-year professors go out of their way to set up group lunches with us so they get to know us better. Everyone has an open door policy and is always very helpful. There were a couple of professors that I did connect with more than others at HBS, and I hope to keep in touch with (and have so far) well beyond my time there.

Beyond their greatness as people, I will always have a ton of respect for people who can get up in front of an HBS classroom and run things the “case study way”–it seems incredibly difficult and intimidating and they do it with confidence.


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