Preparing for any MBA interview is intimidating – you’re not sure what questions you will be asked, what are you expected to say, and how the entire interaction with the interviewer is going to work. To add to this pressure, London Business School MBA program is requesting that you interview with an alum and give a presentation about a topic that will be given to you during the interview.

Overview of the LBS Interview 

The instructions are usually simple: you are given a question, about anything from GDP growth in Germany to whether Amazon should start selling perishable goods to your opinion about corporate taxes, and you have five minutes to prepare a presentation, and an additional five minutes to present it to your interviewer.

Wow. that’s a lot of pressure. What if you know NOTHING about this topic? What if you don’t have an opinion, or you are really not sure what the interviewer is looking for?

 London Business School is looking for a few things:

  1. Communication skills  – they want to see that you are able to communicate clearly, in any situation, and especially under pressure.
  2. General knowledge – yes, even if your domain of expertise is not retail in China or infrastructure in India, you should have some general knowledge about these economies and these industries. After all, this MBA interview is looking to evaluate whether you are a global citizen and a rounded applicant who understands global business. 
  3. Problem-solving – can you tackle a new problem on the fly? It doesn’t matter how smart you are at studying or doing your job (as you’ve claimed in your MBA essays); if you can’t analyze a situation and suggest a few options for action you might not be the right material for LBS MBA program.

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Picture credit: UK Embassy in Israel.