Interview with an Harvard Business School Alumna – part IV

Christina Appleton studied psychology and sociology as an undergrad at Northwestern University. Since completing her degree, Christina spent two years at Fox Sports as a marketing manager. Read how Christina tackled the Harvard MBA Application and Harvard MBA Essays here.

 What were some of your concerns going into the program?

 I was concerned that it was going to be crazy difficult (it was at first), I was worried I wouldn’t figure out what I wanted to do (do we ever really know?) and that I wouldn’t find my niche (I did!)

For someone looking to make a career change, how would an MBA help them achieve their goals?

 An MBA is a clear marker on your resume that shows that you have intent and are willing to sacrifice/put in the work to do so. You can join different student groups, go on treks, do field studies–all things that are much more difficult to do outside of school.

 How do you feel your degree will continue to serve you in the future?

To be honest, I really don’t know. I don’t think that the degree really plays out this early in my career. I have heard from others that it’s about the 5-10 year mark that you really appreciate the degree so I will look out for that.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your time at Harvard Business School ? (activities, classes, internship, etc)

 I think I would have pushed myself a little more to try more things that were a bit scary to me. Not the obvious ones like finance but more like how to raise capital for your new venture.

Read about Christina’s favorite things at the Harvard MBA Program, and also about getting ready to apply for HBS.


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