How to Make the Most of Your Time at Harvard Business School

Interview with an Harvard Business School Alumna – part V

Christina Appleton studied psychology and sociology as an undergrad at Northwestern University. Since completing her degree, Christina spent two years at Fox Sports as a marketing manager. Read how Christina tackled the Harvard MBA Application and Harvard MBA Essays here.

Reach out to as many professors as possible

Find one that you have a good connection with and work with them during your time there.

Get to know your classmates – and get away together!

I would highly recommend getting a group of your fellow classmates and renting a house up in Vermont or New Hampshire for the weekend. The most memorable aspects were largely all social (or at least outside of class). The section retreats were tons of fun and experiences that I will never forget.

It is an incredibly warm place (both literally and figuratively) if you know where to look. 

I love the tradition of HBS–all 900 of us had the exact same academic experience first year. We all had the same section positions, we read the same cases, and all clapped after each class was over. The shared experience is a truly remarkable thing and not only helped with the feeling of camaraderie but also academically. I think that being in finance with people who have been finances whizzes for the past four years only pushes me to be better.

 Get involved with on-campus philanthropic activities.

I was the co-chair of the HBS Fashion Show (biggest charitable event on campus) and seeing all of our hard work go into the great show (and then giving the money to charity) was another great memory.

 You can be a cog in the HBS wheel or you can create your own program–your choice. 

I think that there could be more communication around “alternative” paths at HBS. I was very proactive and sought out a couple of professors who were interested in the same topics and created independent studies around that, but I don’t think a lot of students knew that they could do this.

 Living on campus is way easier (and probably better) than living off campus. 

 Push yourself to try new things – like learning how to raise capital for your new venture if you come out of a more traditional corporate environment.

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