How to Make the Most of Your Time at the Booth School of Business (University of Chicago)

This is the last part of an interview with Huei Jang, an alumnus from Chicago Booth full-time MBA program. His experience include investment banking at UBS, entrepreneurship (Managing Member of a restaurant in NYC), an founding an advisory practice specializing in early-stage start-up firms.

Can you name a few (3-5) things that people don’t know about Booth before coming to the school? – Booth’s best-kept secret.

I can really only think of two: Booth is an insanely fun place to attend school, and Chicago is an amazing city for those who have never spent time in the Midwest (I grew up on the West Cost and have spent most of my adult life in New York City).

What’s the dating scene at Booth? What’s the social life?

Whatever you want to make of your experience at Booth, you very easily can because there are others (of both genders) that are there to do the same thing you are. I will not emphasize the term “hook up,” but yes, that happens quite a bit.

And at last count, I think there have been something like eight Booth engagements/marriages from my graduating class so far (between partners that did not know each other before meeting at Booth).

What’s the one thing you must do while getting an MBA at your alma mater?

You do not have to pay attention during the LEAD program at Chicago Booth (hopefully you do, but that is your choice—nobody at Booth forces you to do anything you do not want to), but honestly consider applying to be a Facilitator. It was the most defining single part of my business school experience.

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