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Yay! It’s a beautiful time of year in New York City! Finally I don’t have to be jealous of people on the west coast and their gorgeous weather.

This spring Stanford MBA decided to start with some fresh essays requirements. Never mind about the past – let’s talk about the essay YOU need to write to get into Stanford.

Stanford MBA Essay A: What matters most to you, and why? (recommended length 750)

This one isn’t fresh. Honestly, this question has been around for so long that I wish Stanford would  change it to something else. I am sure many applicants feel the same.

Writing a beautiful essay

There are many ways to write a beautiful essay for this question. The first step is always the same: think about what you care about, and what you have done because of it.. Despite the fact that the Stanford admissions board says “what matters most to you,” don’t just write about your thoughts and ideas, tell them about your actions. You may truly care about the rain forest in South America and have difficulty falling asleep because you are worried about the extinction of a particular tree frog, but unless you’ve done something to help your frog, Stanford couldn’t care less. Don’t sell them promises about what you plan to do after school – show them what you’ve already done.

It’s not you, it’s….

The story is not just about you. If there was a big crisis in your life which you overcame that’s great, but connect this story to other people. Whether you lost 60 pounds, learned a new language or got in touch with your biological mother, demonstrate how this success was rooted in your personality, strength and leadership, and therefore your potential in your future life and career.


 Essay B: Why Stanford? (recommended length – 400 words)

Are you joking? I am surprised Stanford is asking this question. Everyone could benefit from studying at Stanford, regardless or their background or career goals. But I guess the team at Stanford MBA Admissions wants to hear how great they are. So, this is your opportunity to talk about career goals and the growth you are going to achieve at Stanford. Don’t copy/paste this from another school. Since there are gazillion opportunities at Stanford, if you want to make this essay work you have to connect their program to YOUR background, personality and career goals. Show them how your particular qualities make you their perfect student..

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