Working with Yael is the best decision I’ve ever made when applying for MBA, and it is the ONLY

thing that helped integrate my experiences together that led to final offers.

Yael will always have the answer for you. Not only does she have insights about the application

process (from GMAT and info sessions, to resume, essays and interviews etc.), but she reviews

and processes application materials at a lightning pace and with great recommendations. I can

talk a lot about how professional and how knowledgeable she is , but what I really want to point

out is how special she is –  I’ve had so many phone sessions with her and met her in New York

City once, every time she always tries to talk to and listen to me, and understand me as a

person.  She is so keen in identifying my unique personality and provides a different angle in

approaching my not so shiny stories. She is very creative in blending my personality into the

essays. This is why she was able to help me stand out as a unique person among tens of

thousands of applicants. She is an awesome friend/advisor to have! Looking back to my

application – not only did my application package improve so much, but I feel like I have been

growing and really getting to know about different MBA experiences under her guidance.

Thanks Yael for making my dream come true!!!!











Admitted to Tuck MBA, Yale MBA, Darden MBA programs, recipient of  $120,000 in scholarships



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