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In addition to its prestigious full-time MBA program, Columbia Business School offers the following Executive MBA programs:

* Friday-Saturday program – NY based

* Saturday-only program – NY based

*Global Executive MBA Programs

Columbia EMBA NY

The Columba NY EMBA options are a hybrid of part-time and executive MBA in terms of the admissions requirements and class profile. Columbia used to publish the class profile for their EMBA programs but it is no longer available on their website. Here’s the data that I found in their brochure (which, I suspect, has not been updated for a few years)

Class Profile

  • Age range 27-37 (middle 80%)
  • 37% women
  • Work experience 4-12 years (middle 80%)

GMAT Requirements

Columbia doesn’t publish its requirements for GMAT score, however from working with students I can tell you that in the last couple of years the standard for the EMBA program is significantly lower than for the full-time program. In the past, I worked with a qualified international student who, during her interview with Columbia EMBA team, was told that she needed to retake her GMAT because her 650 wasn’t enough. In the last two years, however, I’ve seen students with a 630 get in, without a single mention of their score during the interview.

Some EMBA programs, including top schools like NYU Stern, Chicago Booth, Kellogg and Brown, offer waivers to candidates with strong professional experience and some indication that they can handle the analytical part of the program. Historically, Columbia hasn’t offered waivers. Still, if you feel that your background is special and that you should get a waiver it can’t hurt to ask; you might get the first one .

I ❤️ Columbia EMBA

Columbia EMBA program is a favorite for working professionals in the North East – people travel surprising distances by car, train, and airplane to attend this b-school. The Columbia EMBA is one of the best part-time options. It offers a great brand and a wide network in financial services, consulting, health care, media, and more.  It’s no wonder that people are traveling to New York from DC, Boston and even Chicago to participate.

The Right Age for Columbia EMBA

I have seen some very young candidates (25 and 26 years old) get into the Weekend Executive MBA program at Columbia. Among them were younger candidates at investment banking and private equity firms, and a junior project manager at a global insurance firm who reported to senior management. If you are an executive with over 15 years of experience, or in a very senior position in the organization, go to an info session and see whether you connect well with a young community  before applying.

Executive MBA – Global Americas, Europe and Asia 

Since these programs are closer to traditional executive MBA programs, the average age (and level of work experience) is higher, but the GMAT score is lower. One recent brochure listed an average GMAT for the Columbia Global EMBA of 630, and work experience of 10 years. There are also fewer  women in this program (which is often true of top EMBA programs). The EMBA online application requires students to self-report their GMAT/GRE score. There’s no GMAT waiver available here either.

If you’re getting ready to apply check out my Columbia MBA Essay Analysis 2015-2016 (insert link).

Do I need Sponsorship to get into the Columbia EMBA? 

You don’t need to have corporate sponsorship to attend the Columbia Executive MBA program – if you are self-employed, you can sponsor yourself. Being a self-sponsored applicant is more difficult, though, because you don’t have the backing of a strong brand, or an external indication of your professional success and career trajectory. You have to be smart about your recommendation letters, essays and resume.

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[title size=”3″]Testimonial: Admitted to Columbia Executive MBA”[/title]

[testimonial name=”Admitted to Columbia EMBA and NYU Langone” gender=”male ” company=”New York, NY” link=”” target=””]” Despite my low undergrad GPA ( < 3.0), Yael helped me position myself to highlight my strengths and present myself in the best light to the admissions committees.  I originally was only going to apply to NYU Stern part-time, but Yael encouraged me to give Columbia EMBA a shot.  I was accepted into both programs.  Without Yael’s help, I don’t think I would have been accepted into either program!  If you are seeking advice or help with your applications, I highly encourage you to consider Yael.”[/testimonial]