How to apply for the MBA and get in this time

If you’re reapplying to any top MBA program, full time or part time, you want to get it right this year. Schools have already formed some opinion about you so you need to convince them that you have significantly improved your profile since you last applied.

If you interviewed last year but were rejected afterwards, it could be because:

1) You didn’t impress your interviewer with your commitment to the program, your communication skills, or your professional or personal accomplishments.

2) Your interview went fine, but it wasn’t enough to compensate for something else in your profile: low GMAT, low GPA, gap in your work history, or simple lack of professional experience.

3) You were a good a candidate but didn’t present yourself as well as you could have. Perhaps your essays didn’t strongly describe your achievements and what you have to offer. Perhaps you didn’t express your points well during the interview.

If you didn’t get interview calls from your target schools last year, it’s time to have your profile evaluated and make an informed decision about whether to apply to the same programs again. Evaluate what has changed since last year. Was the core problem your application or the competitiveness of the program?

In any of these cases there’s room for improvement and that’s what you should demonstrate in the re-applicant essay and throughout the application process. I can evaluate your previous application to identify what went wrong and how you can fix it. We will craft your MBA reapplication strategy together. I’ve worked with many  MBA reapplicants and would be able to help you too. Email me (, include your resume and last year’s application and any other relevant information. Or fill out the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours.