Love to hear the great news from my students! Another success story.


I worked with Yael on a couple of my applications.

I must say, she has an extremely good and in depth understanding of the entire B School admissions process. After all, not only does she bring years of experience as an admissions consultant but also her experience as an ad-com member for an elite b school.

I believe, her masterful insights – especially when it came to the interview process – helped me navigate the difficult terrain of B School admissions process much better than I otherwise could have.

Her suggestions were succinct, to the point, incisive and were highly customised to my application and profile – a rarity given the idiosyncrasies in my application.  In my view this is a very important aspect to keep in mind while applying to a B School. She is also a very good listener and comes across as someone who is very easy to work with. And the best part was she worked with me right through the application/ admissions process and even helped me with my decision when it came to deciding between schools.

Overall, it was an extremely pleasurable and rewarding experience working with Yael and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone working towards submitting a B School application.


~BP, India, May 2017

Re applicant, Admitted to NYU Stern full-time MBA program, and Yale SOM full-time MBA program

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