Another success story. I’ve worked with this student for so many years, I feel like we’re almost family.
I met Yael few years before I finally got accepted my preferred program. Together, we got through hours editing essays, 2 GMAT exams, 5 interviews and 3 admissions. Yael was very insightful and supportive throughout this process. She listened, helped me craft out salient aspects of my personal story, pointed out weak areas in my application, and was nothing but a constant source of inspiration during this process. If you need an MBA coach, mentor and admissions advisor in one package, you should definitely to Admit1MBA.
*Yael, thanks for all the sessions, Sunday morning calls and editing hours. You’re amazing!*
~MO, Africa, 2017
Admitted to Stanford Executive MBA program, Yale SOM full-time MBA program, and IESE, full-time program.
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