My favorite type of news : hearing that my student got into his dream school, and not only did he get in, he was able to get a scholarship.  A $20,000 scholarship. An EMBA scholarship. And those are not easy to come by. Clearly, I’m very excited for him – he can take a smaller loan to finance his MBA, and the return-on-investment for his degree already looks better. Yay!

Here’s what he has to say about working together with me on his application:

“Yael is definitely the best expert of business school applications I have ever met. She is kind, sincere, and accommodating, and always there to help and give valuable suggestions. I have worked with her several times in last three years. She can remember my backgrounds, stories, and weaknesses or strengths even after long time, and make proper application strategies. Yael is a wonderful mentor, who is not only assist people to apply schools, but also help them locate career paths because she knows business school degree is not the only key element to a great career. Yael is also a great friend. She would like to share interesting things in life, care routine status, and chat like a close friend. Anyway, I feel grateful of knowing her during my application and appreciate the time I spent with her beyond application.”

– Ken, Asia, April 2018

I’ve helped many EMBA students with their applications, you can read some testimonials here.

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