• Booth MBA program

Life After Chicago Booth MBA – My Story


This is the 4th part of an interview with Huei […]

Where the Fortune 500 CEOs Went to School

I just came across this interesting article that was published by Us News on May 2012.  I suggest comparing this […]

  • Columbia University

Testimonial – Admitted to Columbia MBA

As a re-applicant to top business schools, I was struggling to distinguish my story now from the one on my previous application. I knew there had been significant change in my experience but didn't know the best way to present it.

How to prepare for the Wharton MBA Team-Based Discussion

If you are applying for the Wharton MBA this year, you DON’T want to wait for the interview call to […]

MBA Application: How to Talk About Money – Part 1

While money is very often the motive for people to apply for MBA programs,  it is actually not a favorite […]

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UNC Reception in New York, Tina Fey on MBA and more..

Want to learn more about UNC MBA program? The UNC Admissions team is visiting NYC, so you ask all your […]

Recommendation Letters and a Family Business

Should you get a letter of recommendation from a family member? While this may sound like a trivial question, candidates […]

Low GPA and Top MBA Programs

Can you get into a top MBA program with a 3.3 GPA? What about a 2.9 GPA? Ok, let’s make […]

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Testimonial – Admitted to INSEAD MBA Program

Lorsque j’ai rencontré Yael en février dernier, je n’étais pas convaincu d’avoir besoin d’une consultante. Mais j’ai senti chez elle […]

MBA Application: Columbia Community Essay

“Please view this video, entitled Community at Columbia. Diverse, tight-knit clusters and carefully selected learning teams are defining features of […]