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Harvard MBA Application

Harvard MBA Application: Essay Analysis 2015-2016
What should you do about your Harvard Business School application? I wish I had a secret […]

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Harvard MBA Application Essay 2014-2015

HBS MBA Essay Analysis 2014-2015


So, for this year’s application, Harvard MBA decided to go ahead and keep the same optional […]

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Making the most out of your time at Harvard Business School

How to Make the Most of Your Time at Harvard Business School

Interview with an Harvard Business School Alumna – part […]

My favorite things at Harvard Business School

An Interview with a recent alumna from Harvard Business School -Part III 

Christina Appleton studied psychology and sociology as an undergrad […]

My time at Harvard Business School: Part 1

Christina Appleton studied psychology and sociology as an undergrad at Northwestern University and spent three years working at General Mills […]

Ask the Boss: Harvard MBA Recommendation Letters

If you’re applying to Harvard Business School, you’ve probably figured out that your MBA recommendation letters are going to have […]

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How Do I Get into Harvard MBA?

This reminds me of the famous question, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”(For those unfamiliar with the place, it’s […]

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Harvard MBA Alumni Panel in NYC

Last week I attended an MBA admissions event hosted by Harvard Business School; the event was targeted at women who […]

Getting into an MBA Program if You aren’t working for Google, Goldman or the IMF

When business schools such as Stanford, Harvard or evaluate your professional background, they pay a lot of attention to the […]

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Where the Fortune 500 CEOs Went to School

I just came across this interesting article that was published by Us News on May 2012.  I suggest comparing this […]