Shit MBA Admissions Consultants Say

Now that the 3rd deadline is almost over, I decided to do something different.

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Testimonial: Admitted to Harvard Business School

“Yael非常認真負責。 她具有豐富的經驗並非常注重瞭解客戶的個人背景及志向。 她不但專業, 但更多的時候她就像是個朋友。 她會提供给我許多建設性的想法和意見。   我非常感謝她的耐心和誠懇 , 讓我充分瞭解到自己哪裡有進步的空間、哪里尚待加強.   在申請商學院的道路上, 我非常感谢Yael對我提供的所有帮助。  是她帮助我成功的步入了我夢想中的學校,實現了我的夢想!US, 2012.”

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Harvard MBA Application Essays

Tell us about three of your accomplishments. (600 words)Analysis: This is a wonderful question and HBS Admissions were wise not […]

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Harvard Business School – Testimonial

Harvard Business School, Class of 2014When I first reached out to Yael, she struck me as very personable andinsightful.  There […]

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Help Your MBA Recommendation Letters Meet The Deadline

If you are applying for MBA programs this January, this is the time to call or email your recommenders and […]

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MBA Essays and Your Family

Applicants often talk about their families in their MBA application but often spend too many words sharing these stories. You […]

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Miss MBA deadlines if your recommendations are late?

So you are ready on time to meet the Harvard, Wharton or Columbia MBA deadlines this week. Great job!But what […]

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Childhood stories for Columbia and NYU MBA Applications?

I see many MBA applicants talk about their childhood – whether it’s in Columbia’s  “Describe a life experience that has […]

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Are your MBA essays good enough?

The majority of MBA applicants are qualified candidates – decent GPA, GMAT, work experience and community work.  To […]

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Family business and MBA applications

If you are working for a family business and starting your MBA application, there are few potential issues you should […]

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