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Crazy MBA interview questions

Enough with the regular, boring MBA interview questions like “why MBA?, why now?, why NYU?”, let’s have some fun!

If you’ve […]

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From 4 dings to a $60K MBA scholarship: Success Story – Part II

This is a story about my student, an international applicant with a top GPA and GMAT score, working in finance, […]

London Business School Interview Presentation Tips

Preparing for any MBA interview is intimidating – you’re not sure what questions you will be asked, what are you […]

Wharton MBA Interview – What do you know about South Africa or Vietnam?

If you got the interview invite from Wharton MBA you are probably both happy and stressed out; you’re not alone. […]

What to write in MBA interview thank you note:

Guidelines for MBA Interview Thank-you Notes:

Congratulations, you’re done with your MBA interview! Hopefully it went well and the outcome […]

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How to Prepare for an MBA Alumni Interview

And your interviewer is…..

MBA alumni interviews are a stressful part of the process – you never know how much impact […]

Columbia MBA Interview questions 2013-2014: What will Warren ask you?

If you applied during Columbia’s early-decision cycle, you should have heard (or will hear soon) about the next step […]

Yale Video Essay Questions

I’ve already wrote about the Yale Video Interview format last year, which was used in the 3rd round.  After submitting […]

Testimonial: Admitted to Top MBA Programs

Yael, I couldn’t have completed the whole application process without your support. Because of you, I didn’t feel lonely and anxious on the path–you […]