HEC Interview – The Presentation

If you received an interview from HEC MBA program, you already know that you need to prepare a presentation on […]

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London Business School Interview – The Presentation

One of the biggest challenges of getting into London Business School is performing well in the interview phase. In addition […]

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INSEAD Interviews and Your Career

I discussed the INSEAD interview with a New York-based alumnus who has been interviewing for INSEAD for the last few […]

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Wharton MBA Interviews – Q&A

Wharton Interviews are not your traditional MBA interviews; most of them lack the “Why Wharton”, “Why MBA” and “Why Now” […]

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How to Prepare for MBA Interviews

In the last few weeks Wharton Business School, London Business School and other top MBA programs have sent out interviews […]

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How to Prepare for the LBS MBA Interview?

Getting an interview invitation from London Business School MBA program is great news, however there’s much more to do than […]

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Interview tips: know the school – Why Stanford / Columbia

One of my clients recently interviewed at the Stanford MBA program. His interview was on campus, and overall was an […]

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MBA Inteview: Why INSEAD, Wharton and more

It’s a busy season for my 2nd round students with MBA interviews across the country – Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Yale, […]

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Wharton Interview 2011

Wharton MBA Admission Committee announced earlier this year the new interview format – behavior interviews,  focused on the applicants’ behavior […]

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Kellogg MBA Interview report – February 2011

Selected questions from a recent Kellogg MBA interview -off-campus, with an alumni.   1. Tell me about yourself and why do […]

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