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Testimonial: Admitted to NYU Stern MBA

Dear Yael,
I would like to thank you very much for helping me out with my application for Stern.
What I appreciated […]

The MBA Early Birds Are Earlier Than Ever – Fall 2013 Application

Yes, we can. As 3rd-round students are still hearing back from schools and interviewing, other applicants around the globe are […]

Testimonial: Admitted to Top MBA Programs

Yael, I couldn’t have completed the whole application process without your support. Because of you, I didn’t feel lonely and anxious on the path–you […]

Testimonial: Admitted to Top Programs in the US


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International Applicants and The 3rd Round: Columbia, Wharton, or Chicago?

If you are an international student applying in the third round, you should know that this is a difficult situation.

INSEAD: Calling All Applicants for the April 3rd, 2013 Deadline

Is your GMAT going to be a problem for INSEAD?

NYU Stern Full-Time Program: Update for Second-Round Applicants

Waiting to hear the outcome of your application to NYU’s Stern for the second deadline? You are not alone. While […]

Getting into an MBA Program if You aren’t working for Google, Goldman or the IMF

When business schools such as Stanford, Harvard or evaluate your professional background, they pay a lot of attention to the […]

February 6th, 2013|Booth, Goldman Sachs., Google, Harvard, INSEAD, LBS, MBA, PE, UCLA|19 Comments

Happy New Chinese Year

Did you know that the new Chinese year will begin on February 10th?  This is by far the most important […]

How to Handle a Gap in Your Resume / Employment History

If your resume has a gap, either between jobs or after graduating from college, you should address it in your […]