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International Applicants and The 3rd Round: Columbia, Wharton, or Chicago?

If you are an international student applying in the third round, you should know that this is a difficult situation.

How to prepare for the Wharton MBA Team-Based Discussion

If you are applying for the Wharton MBA this year, you DON’T want to wait for the interview call to […]

Wharton Team-Based Interview – How to Prepare – Part 1

Here’s a great video prepared by my colleague from Japan, Vince Ricci.It’s a 25-minute video that goes over his analysis of the […]

Wharton MBA Admissions – Testimonial

There is no doubt that Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable admissions consultant, but it is her caring personality […]

January 12th, 2012|MBA, UPenn, wharton|0 Comments

Wharton Lauder MBA/MA

The Wharton Lauder MBA/MA joint degree offers students to beef up their MBA studies with a focus on global business […]

July 22nd, 2010|Lauder, MBA, UPenn, wharton|1 Comment

Wharton MBA Deadlines

 Wharton MBA released their MBA application deadline for the next year.The essays from Wharton MBA have not been released yet, […]

May 21st, 2010|MBA, UPenn, wharton|0 Comments

Meet Wharton MBA in Your City

Update from the Wharton MBA Admissions blog: Wharton MBA announced that Wharton will be holding events in over 40 countries […]

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