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[title size=”2″]MBA Admissions Services: Essay Editing and Consulting[/title]

We offer the following MBA Admissions Consulting Services:

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[title size=”2″]Uncertain what is the right service for you?[/title]

If you would like guidance across the board on your MBA application, from essays to resume to recommendation letters and more, we suggest the MBA Application Package.

If you would like us to help you get started on the essays and understand the questions, the agenda and what MBA admissions are looking to hear in that question, we suggest the MBA Essay Editing.

If you already wrote one or more drafts, and want an experienced Admissions professional to review and edit your drafts line by line, we recommend the MBA Essay Editing.

If you are re-applying for the MBA, whether to the same programs or to an additional one, we suggest that you start with MBA Services for Re-applicants.

Are you dreaming of getting your MBA at a selective business school? We can help you with the intensive and time-consuming process of MBA admissions. We offer personalized service to meet your needs, schedule and budget. By working with Admit1MBA you will receive the support on a MBA Admissions consultant of the highest quality – an experienced Admissions professional, who will not only edit your essays for content, style and relevance, but also help you uncover strengths and stories that will strengthen your application.

Applying to top MBA programs requires more than just strong work experience and a good GMAT; An Admissions specialist can help you ace your essays, resume, letters of recommendation and interview, letting you stand from the crowd.

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[title size=”2″] Talk to Us! [/title]

If you would like to speak with me to help you figure out what’s the best fit for your needs and budget, email info@admit1mba.com, give me a call at 1-917-300-1066 or fill out this form. 

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[title size=”2″]Our Competitive Edge[/title]

[accordian][toggle title=” Inside Admissions Experience” open=”no”] We have guided hundreds of students in their journey to secure spots at top MBA programs globally, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, INSEAD, LBS and more.

Our team has worked in MBA Admissions teams and in managerial roles at leading global firms. We know how business schools read the application, what they like (and dislike), how they evaluate candidates and what they are looking for in an interview. And we will share this inside perspective with you, so you can understand the unspoken agenda of MBA Admissions. [/toggle]

[toggle title=” Top-Notch Editing, Story-Telling and Business Acumen” open=”no”] We are avid readers and writers, but mostly we are editors and story tellers. We help you carve out the stories and find the words to present them in the most exact and powerful way, in your own voice and communication style. We are passionate about everything business and we bring our strong understanding of industries and the global business environment to create original, interesting and impressive stories. We even make finance, consulting or IT look interesting!

We brainstorm and come up with new ideas and ways to present you and everything you need to write and talk about, as the mature global citizen and leader-in-the-making that you are. Anyone can say that they are “great team players” or “want to fix healthcare”; we will prove to your reader that you mean what you say. [/toggle]

[toggle title=” Live Editing and Coaching Sessions” open=”no”] We believe in real-life communication and getting to know you in person. We’ll have calls and video chats to talk about your career goals and experiences, and uncover stories and new angles that will strengthen your application. These live sessions are highly effective; they ensure that we go beyond the obvious stories and present your competitive edge and unique experience. This will also save you time and money – instead of going back and forth via email, we can solve problems and come up with new ideas during the call. Our students love that they don’t need to send or read more emails than they already have – talking is much more personal and efficient. Speaking about yourself and your career goals will also help you when you get to the interview phase. If you are looking for one-on-one admissions help, not a cookie-cutter editing factory, you’ve come to the right place.


[toggle title=” UNLIMITED Editing and Coaching Packages ” open=”no”] Yes, you heard us right – unlimited. Whether your need 15 edits to finalize your career goals, or 9 sessions to prepare for your interview, we will provide this as part of the packages–no exceptions, tricks or limitations. We’ll give you ideas and pointers on how to do the right research on your target business school or industry, so you can talk about the topic intelligently and successfully pitch your plans (and profile). We take on a limited number of students each year so we can give them all the support, editing and consulting they need and deserve.


[toggle title=” Straightforward Feedback. No Sugar-Coating” open=”no”]“You are my biggest supporter and my biggest critic” – a happy client (top-5 school).

We will give you all the guidance and support you need in the emotional roller coaster of MBA admissions. Nevertheless, we will also tell it like it is, whether a specific story has to be rewritten or you need to ask your recommenders to spice it up. We want you to get admitted to the best possible school, the first time you apply.

Don’t believe it until you see it. Schedule a free consultation and get to know us in person.


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[testimonial name=”Midwest US” gender=”male” company=”HBS”]Accepted into HBS! I have been buried in overwhelming joy and excitement as I learned that HBS made an admission offer to me. I just want to quickly share this hard-to-believe news with you. Without your guidance all along I am not sure whether this would be possible.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Tech Girl, California US” gender=”female” company=”Stanford”] So I have very exciting news! I was accepted at Stanford! Thank you for all of your help! [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Finance Expert, France” gender=”male” company=”INSEAD”]I got the call from INSEAD: I am in!!!! So I am very happy and thank you for all your help! I have no doubt that without you the application wouldn’t have been as excellent as it was. [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Corporate Finance, US/Europe” gender=”female” company=”Wharton”]Yael, I cannot thank you enough for your endless support, patience, and guidance throughout this process. Without your positive energy, I am certain I would not be attending Wharton this fall! [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Commercial Banker, Asia” gender=”male” company=”INSEAD”]Yael, just got the call from Insead, I’m in !!!!Anyway I thought you should be one of the first to know! [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Young Applicant, NYC” gender=”male” company=”Columbia “]This week I was offered admission to Columbia Business School’s EMBA program. I was very happy about this decision and wanted to thank you again very much for your support in putting together my application – certainly nothing I could have done on my own. [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Re-applicant, Asia” gender=”male” company=”Cornell”]I wanted to say a big thank you! I got into Cornell Thanks a lot..again!! it became possible only with your help!! so you too deserve a lot of credit!! [/testimonial]