[title size=”2″]MBA Application Packages[/title]

If you are looking for all-inclusive MBA application support and guidance, the application packages are the easiest and least expensive way to get as many edits as you need until your application is ready. The flat-rate unlimited packages will make sure your essays are in the best shape possible  – we will critique and improve your documents until they are perfect and you are ready to click “submit”.

We offer the following MBA Application packages:


Services \ Package type 1 school 2 schools 3 schools 4 schools
Strategy Session – Unlimited
Unlimited Essay Editing (live & offline)
Optional Essay Editing (live & offline)
MBA Resume Preparation & Review
School Selection
Letters of Recommendation – selection, guidance, editing
Unlimited Interview Preparation  √
Final review by a professional editor – grammar and proof reading
Price $3150 $4650 $5650 $6650


More information about the services in our packages:

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  • MBA Essay Strategy sessions – we will review your profile and identify strengths, weakness, potential ways to improve your application and more. These will be live session – either in person in NYC or via video and audio chat.
  • UNLIMITED editing of your MBA essays. We will have as many editing sessions and reviews as we need, to make sure that your essays are in their optimal shape, before you click “submit”.
  • Letters of Recommendation: we will review the potential recommenders and their profiles to come up with the most powerful combination to support your application, and review the files (if available).
  • School Selection: we will evaluate your list and help you identify additional school to fit your goals and profile.
  • UNLIMITED Interview prep we will help you nail the MBA interviews. Includes multiple live and video mock interview sessions for any school from which you get an interview call.
  •  Waitlist services – we will provide guidance on the optimal waitlist strategy and help you communicate updates to the school
  • Decision guidance – if the case of multiple offers, we will help you evaluate and analyze your options.
  • Grammar: Final review of your documents by a professional editor and proof reader

You can also purchase additional MBA packages at a later date, for the following prices:

Adding a 2nd school – $1750

Adding a 3rd, 4th or 5th school – $1250

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Can’t find the service you’re looking for? Go over our list of MBA Admissions Services, contact our Admissions Experts or call 1-917-300-1066


  • By purchasing from our website you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Assistance in the financial aid or scholarship process is not included in this package.
  • Packages must all be used in within one year of the purchase date. Deferral of these packages will result in additional charges.