[title size=”2″]MBA Reapplicant Services[/title]

For students applying to business school for the second or third time.

Our MBA reapplicant analysis and consultation includes:

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  • Offline review of your previous application materials (essays, resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, interview notes)
  • 1-hour consultation session (via phone, video chat or in person)
  • We will suggest ways to improve your essay and application strategy
  • Tips and guidance on how to approach the re-application (school selection, recommendation, GMAT and more)
  • Price: $250


[title size=”2″]Work with an admissions expert help this time around[/title]

Something didn’t go well the first time around, and you want to get it right this time. You need an admissions expert to review your profile and provide you with feedback on what went wrong and how to improve it and get in this year. We have worked with many reapplicants and know that this is an emotionally challenging process, and we will support and guide you through it. We will show you how to fix the gaps and convince MBA programs that you are a stronger candidate today.

[title size=”2″] Other Available Services:[/title]

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Can’t find the service that you are looking for? Go over our list of MBA Admissions Services, Contact our Admissions Experts or call 1-917-300-1066

[title size=”2″]Testimonial – Reapplicant to NYU MBA[/title]

[testimonial name=”True Newyorker” gender=”female” company=”Admitted to NYU Stern” ]”I had previously applied to business school, but was not admitted. This past year, I decided to give it one last shot – Stern or Bust! Yael helped make this happen.  I know that without her guidance, support, advice and patience, I would not have received my acceptance letter.  Yael held my hand throughout the entire process – from the application, to the essays, to the interview preparation.  She helped me to strengthen my story and made me feel confident about my candidacy.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me!”[/testimonial]


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