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Who wouldn’t like to get into the MBA program at Harvard business school? HBS, along with Stanford, is the holy grail of MBA applicants. This two-year program, which includes a core curriculum based mostly on the case method, an immersion program (FIELD),   has a lot to offer beyond the brand name and global network.

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Harvard University



[testimonial name=”Admitted to Harvard” gender=”male” company=”US/Asia” link=”” target=””]When I first reached out to Yael, she struck me as very personable and insightful.  There is no doubt that there are many knowledgeable admission consultants one can choose to work with, but Yael made me feel that she cared to know me to the extend of a friend.  She is a superb listener; we spent hours of our initial sessions just to know me well.  Her thorough attention to my backgrounds and personalities were crucial for optimizing my brainstorming and writing.”[/testimonial]

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