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London Business School offers both a full-time and an Executive MBA program; its flexible full-time MBA curriculum (15, 18, or 21 months), along with its prime location at Regent’s Park, makes it attractive for applicants seeking careers in London.  Top financial institutions  management consulting firms and other leading brands recruit at the school.

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[testimonial name=”Ops guy, UK” gender=”male” company=”Admitted to LBS” link=”” target=””]”I had a relatively low GMAT and pretty much took for granted some of my past experiences. With Yael’s insight and experience I was able “dig deep”, think about my real motivations,  think about where I add value, and then structure all this into a sincere but competitive application package. Long story short, without Yael’s help I wouldn’t be able to say “I’m starting at LBS in the fall.” I highly recommend her.”[/testimonial]

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