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Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts , MIT’s Sloan School of Business is the mecca for engineers, entrepreneurs and financial maven world-wide. Sloan School of Business offers a full-time two-year MBA, and Executive MBA, and a dual degree with MIT School of Engineering via the LGO (Leadership in Global Operations ). MIT is known for its focus and resources around innovation, personalized curriculum and the intensive Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) seminars.

Helpful articles about the MIT MBA:


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MIT by Aranha



[testimonial name=”Young Engineer” gender=”female” company=”Admitted to MIT, Wharton and Yale” link=”” target=””]” I will never forget my mock MIT-interview with her, where, after I spoke breathlessly for about 2 minutes at length, she asked me to slow down and not exhaust my interviewer! The level of knowledge and insight Yael has about school-specific admissions processes is truly remarkable – and such is my gratitude for the work she did that once I got my admits, she was always one of the first people outside my family that I reached out to.”[/testimonial]


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