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Saïd Business School at Oxford University offers student a one-year full time MBA program, and an Executive MBA, as well as the 1+1 program, which combines an MBA with a Masters’ degree in another field. The full-time MBA program combines the case-study method with lectures and two real-life projects, one focused on Entrepreneurship and the other on  Strategy Consulting.

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Said by WinkyIntheUK

Said Business School


[testimonial name=”Marketing Manager, US” gender=”female” company=”Admitted to Saïd and Judge” link=”” target=””]”Yael was able to push (and push!) me to capture elements of my experience and outlook that would set me apart from my otherwise “similar on paper” peers. She carefully and ever so patiently coaxes out compelling and unique elements to help you craft an application that ends up in the “yes” pile. Thank you Yael! “[/testimonial]


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