Admitted to INSEAD MBA Program

When I had started working on my application I was not sure in which directions to go and was completely unclear on the strategy. Yael proved to be absolutely priceless mentor during the process who guided me through the entire process seamlessly. Her profound knowledge of the admissions process and coaching skills played an instrumental role in my acceptance. Moreover, working with Yael helped me not only to get accepted but also to set priorities and goals for the upcoming MBA program. THANK YOU VERY MUCH YAEL!!!

T, Europe, November 2014

Admitted to Kellogg MBA Program

I got accepted into Kellogg 2Y MBA program, my dream school!  Yael, I would like to thank you for your insights on the overall process, help with bringing out the best stories for the essays and building them powerful and strong, and guidance in interview preparation – all of these steps were crucial for my success and your help was what made my application strong and unique! Thank you!!!

V, Eastern Europe, January 2015

Admitted to Columbia Business School MBA Program

“I got the acceptance call from CBS on Thursday evening ! I would like to thank you for all your inputs and efforts. Again, don’t think my Columbia EMBA interview would have gone so smoothly without your guidance.”

A, Senior IT Manager, NYC, 2014

Admitted to LBS, Class of 2016

Yael has been an invaluable advisor in my successful MBA application for London Business School. Throughout the application process, Yael demonstrated the utmost commitment in helping me achieve my goal.

 What has really impressed me about Yael, is her ability to locate my career ambitions within a broader business context. As a result, her advice is always rooted in pragmatism. Furthermore, Yael’s personable manner enables her to win trust and encourage her clients to speak openly about professional and personal goals. The hours of conversations I had with Yael, really helped me to clarify my own thoughts about what I want to achieve from my MBA, as well as from life post MBA, both in and outside the office.

I not only trust Yael’s advice concerning MBAs and broader careers, but I also consider her to be a friend.

D, UK, Admitted to London Business School


Admitted to INSEAD MBA Programme

Applying to INSEAD was a last-minute decision on my part and two months before the deadline I was faced with the daunting prospect of writing upwards of six essays and preparing for the GMAT/GRE while also managing a 60+-hour-a-week job.

For me it was very important to work with someone I felt comfortable with, who was able to give me direction and lots of hand-holding. When I first called Yael, I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the 4th of July and her day off, yet she very kindly spent an hour answering my questions, discussing my aspirations and how we could potentially take the process forward.

Her obvious interest and supportive yet focused manner was enough for me to decide that I wanted to work with her. The final results were well beyond my expectations and I guess the admissions committee liked what they saw as well. I have nothing but good things to say and wish her all the best. Certainly, the people who get to work with her on their applications are lucky indeed to have her on their side!

 – ST, Asia / Middle East, November 2012

Columbia MBA, Class of 2014

As a re-applicant to top business schools, I was struggling to distinguish my story now from the one on my previous application. I knew there had been significant change in my experience but didn’t know the best way to present it. Less than 2-3 weeks from my application deadline, I came across Yael’s website and reached out for an evaluation. Just in our initiation conversation, there were pointers and insights that she spoke about that made me confident she would be the right person to help me.

I signed up and worked very closely with her for the next two weeks. Yael was thought-provoking, a critic with the eye of an admissions officer, and most of all very understanding and encouraging during this very stressful process. Yael – thanks for all your help, for taking time and being so flexible, and for helping me brand my application so that it showed me in the best light!

~ AD, Massachusetts,USA, 
December 2012

Admitted to INSEAD MBA

Yael je naprosto skvela. Jeji zkusenosti a pristup mi pomohly dokoncit narocny vyberovy proces a uvedomit si cile, ktere chci dokazat behem a po MBA.

– T, Europe, Admitted to INSEAD MBA Programme

Chicago Booth Evening and Weekend MBA, Kellogg Part-Time MBA

It was truly a pleasure working with Yael. I got in touch with Yael when I was done with my GMAT and was in a state of inertia with my applications. I kept thinking I could do those applications myself, having done a couple of them in the past. I had no idea until I tried to start. We exchanged a couple of emails and after my first chat with Yael, I was reassured about my short list of schools and confident that I was going to make progress with my application.
Yael was extremely accommodating and patient with me (I am very picky to the last detail). She gave me very useful feedback on each and every aspect of my application. More importantly, she taught me to think from the perspective of the schools – something I thought I knew how to do. But there was so much more I could do after I got those pointers from Yael. The best thing about working with Yael was the quantifiable progress after each offline edit and phone conversation. Within a short period of time, Yael actually remembered pieces of my CV, personal life and career so well that she guided me in using the right pieces of information in the right places.
Not only did I get help with the application, but also with correspondence with the schools in clarifying my queries, checking eligibility criteria, etc. Yael has always been on time, on target and a great coach. I would strongly recommend her. Thanks to Yael, I got admitted to both of the best part-time programs in Chicago, the only two I applied to.
 – JA, Chicago, November 2012

Harvard Business School, Class of 2014

When I first reached out to Yael, she struck me as very personable and
insightful.  There is no doubt that there are many knowledgeable
admission consultants one can choose to work with, but Yael made me
feel that she cared to know me to the extend of a friend.  She is a
superb listener; we spent hours of our initial sessions just to know
me well.  Her thorough attention to my backgrounds and personalities
were crucial for optimizing my brainstorming and writing.  I value
Yael’s help throughout very much and truly thank her for speaking her
comments – even when those suggested that I need to completely rewrite
two of my essays and that she has to dedicate considerably more time
to the same client (me).  I came to learn that Yael absolutely loves
what she is doing, makes herself available till I am ready, and cares
about my aspirations and success.

Her guidance, support and encouragements were essential for my
applications journey – thank you Yael!

PL, US, Dec 2011

NYU Stern, Class of 2014

I had previously applied to business school, but was not admitted.
This past year, I decided to give it one last shot – Stern or Bust!
Yael helped make this happen.  I know that without her guidance,
support, advice and patience, I would not have received my acceptance
letter.  Yael held my hand throughout the entire process – from the
application, to the essays, to the interview preparation.  She helped
me to strengthen my story and made me feel confident about my
candidacy.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for

January 2012 , US

Harvard Business School, Class of 2014

“Yael非常認真負責。 她具有豐富的經驗並非常注重瞭解客戶的個人背景及志向。 她不但專業, 但更多的時候她就像是個朋友。 她會提供给我許多建設性的想法和意見。   我非常感謝她的耐心和誠懇 , 讓我充分瞭解到自己哪裡有進步的空間、哪里尚待加強.

在申請商學院的道路上, 我非常感谢Yael對我提供的所有帮助。  是她帮助我成功的步入了我夢想中的學校,實現了我的夢想!

US, 2012.”

Wharton MBA, Class of 2014
There is no doubt that Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable admissions consultant, but it is her caring personality and dedication to your success that sets her apart from the rest.

We spent our first Skype sessions discussing my background, experiences, and goals. Yael was interested in getting to know me as a person so she could help me put together a strong, personalized application package. These introductory sessions served as the foundation for future essay brainstorming and drafting, where Yael challenged me to delve deeper and overcome my fear of revealing more about myself. Her honest, insightful comments helped me learn more about my own strengths and weaknesses, which translated into genuine essays that illustrated my personality and told my unique story to the admissions committee. By the time we arrived at the interview preparation stage, I felt exhausted and insecure, but Yael continued to be my biggest fan and scheduled additional mock interview sessions, even during the weekend, just to make sure I was well prepared.
Yael, I cannot thank you enough for your endless support, patience, and guidance throughout this process. Without your positive energy, I am certain I would not be attending Wharton this fall!

January 2012, Europe

LBS London Business School, Class of 2013
“Yael is the one. If you’re serious about an objective and professional opinion of your application strategy and essays, Yael is the perfect consultant for this.  I had a relatively low GMAT and pretty much took for granted some of my past experiences. With Yael’s insight and experience I was able “dig deep”, think about my real motivations,  think about where I add value, and then structure all this into a sincere but competitive application package. Long story short, without Yael’s help I wouldn’t be able to say “I’m starting at LBS in the fall.” I highly recommend her.”

GA, London, UK, June 2011

Wharton EMBA Program

I applied to only Wharton EMBA and was accepted.  I wanted to thank you for your valuable input, support and patience over the past few months. I never would have made it without your help and I can safely say my application wouldn’t have been half as good.  I will never forget my final mock interview on Saturday morning as I was driving to Philadelphia …. I cannot thank you enough!

PN, US, 2011


Executive MBA Program, INSEAD

Yaël m’a été recommandée par l’un de mes meilleurs amis à qui j’ai confié mon souhait de réaliser un Executive MBA à l’INSEAD.
Après un premier contact téléphonique, j’ai tout de suite senti une réelle maitrise des processus d’admission dans les Business School et une volonté d’apprendre à me connaitre pour bâtir la meilleure candidature possible. J’ai donc décidé de lui faire confiance et je ne l’ai pas regretté.
En moins d’un mois, grâce à sa patience et à ses précieux conseils, j’ai pu mettre à plat mon projet professionnel et présenter deux dossiers de candidature, reflétant ma vraie personnalité et mettant en avant mes forces et mes axes de progrès de façon claire et précise.
A travers des séances téléphoniques et un travail collaboratif entre les séances, autant de Yaël que de moi, nous avons pu finaliser les essais les uns après les autres et atteindre le 1er objectif, l’entretien. Yaël m’a ensuite préparé pour l’entretien et m’a donné la confiance nécessaire pour défendre ma place.
Je recommande à toute personne qui souhaite obtenir un coaching de qualité de travailler avec Yaël, qui vous transmet son énergie positive et vous accompagne avec sympathie sur la voie de la réussite.
France, 2011

NYU Stern Business School, Class of 2013
Yael fue de gran ayuda para entender que tipo de respuestas estan buscando los entrevistadores. Fue importante para mi ya que me ayudo a darme cuenta de errores que estaba cometiendo. Tuve exito despues practicar unas sesiones con Yael, se los/las recomiendo!

AC, Central America, NYU Stern Class of 2013

Admitted to Wharton, MIT and Yale, Class of 2013
I received a remarkable amount of support from Yael through the application process. Let’s face it, applications are emotionally exhausting, so it was a true pleasure to work with someone as professional, as understanding and as caring as Yael!

The mock interviews I had were critical to my success at the actual interviews; they left me well prepared for each of my interviews with the schools. I will never forget my mock MIT-interview with her, where, after I spoke breathlessly for about 2 minutes at length, she asked me to slow down and not exhaust my interviewer! The level of knowledge and insight Yael has about school-specific admissions processes is truly remarkable – I am convinced my Wharton interview would have taken a different turn without that mock interview; and such is my gratitude for the work she did that once I got my admits, she was always one of the first people outside my family that I reached out to.

Her work is truly customized – she helps highlight aspects of your own story, and parts of your professional life which might not seem distinguished to you, but are the things admissions officers might be interested in. The result for me? Three great interviews, three admits!

So, thank you, Yael, for all your hardwork and all the positive energy you sent me from New York!
– N.O. , Ohio, April 2011

 NYU Stern Business School, Class of 2013
As I was reapplying to NYU Stern, I wanted to make sure my application was strong and worth an admission offer. I met Yael and was very impressed with her knowledge and professional attitude. Yael knows exactly what the admissions office is looking for! She gave me some great advice on my CV and guided me through each essay by helping me to focus on the important points while emphasizing my qualities and goals. At the end, I was surprised to see how much my application was improved.

– TS, New York, NY, July 2011
NYU Stern Class of 2013

Columbia Business School, Class of 2013
There is a management book called “From Good to Great.” In a short time, Yael helped turn both my essays and resume from good to great. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Yael gave me targeted and concise edits which really helped me highlight my uniqueness, something critical to getting into a top B school these days.

MS, New York, NY Dec 2010

 Columbia Business School, Class of 2013 (Accepted to Columbia and NYU Stern)
When I first tried to apply for an MBA program myself (NYU’s part-time program) I was denied admission. I wanted to find out what the problem was and was very happy to find Yael and to be able to benefit from her extensive experience as an MBA admissions consultant. Yael not only helped me to completely revise and significantly improve my resume and essays, but also encouraged me to apply to Columbia’s MBA program. Very shortly after I submitted both applications I was happy to receive an admission letter from NYU and an interview invitation from Columbia University.
I really cannot say enough good things about Yael’s work. It takes a lot of intimate knowledge of the MBA admissions process and the school’s requirements to prepare an insightful, meaningful and unique application. Yael truly masters every single aspect and puts a lot of effort into bringing out a personalized and strong application. I thank Yael sincerely for what she has made possible and highly recommend her as MBA admissions consultant!

UK, New York, NY Dec 2010 

 Chicago Booth Business School, Class of 2013
When I received the big news – “Congratulations, Welcome to Chicago Booth” – I immediately told my wife, and then Yael; the rest of my family and my best friends were secondary. This is the level of gratitude that I have for Yael’s insight and support during my application process.

Reading all the testimonials, you can very easily identify a common trend. Yael is knowledgeable, caring, and supportive. She will be your biggest fan and an invaluable asset during a challenging admission process.
So, how can I rewrite something that you probably already read about Yael in the rest of the testimonials? Well, I can’t. I’m a finance buff.

This is precisely how Yael will help you. She will assist you in focusing your story, making it stand out from a pool of applicants that describe the same things: leadership, maturity, success.

Yael helped me recognize what is special about me, what are my strengths or weaknesses, in the end my application delivered a story worthy of a top MBA program.

Multumesc Yael – iti voi fi intotdeauna recunascator.

RV, Chicago, Illinois, Jan 2011  

 INSEAD  Business School, Class of 2013
If you are reading this post, you are probably like me – you aspire to go to a top business school, but are unsure of the path ahead. Last June when I started this process, I had never met Yael, let alone had any mutual connection with her, and to further complicate things, I lived in Europe while Yael was in the US. In spite of this, and with only a single phone conversation and a few emails, Yael was able to gain my trust and we started working together. There are a number of things I liked about Yael, but if I had to list the top three they would be as follows:

1)     Yael was so much more than an “admission consultant” – Yael wanted to know about my world and to get to know me better as a person. This made all the difference, since Yael could better relate to my experiences and helped position the essays to bring out the uniqueness in me.
2)     Yael provided much-needed positive energy in what was a stressful year both from a work and admissions standpoint,whether it’s Yael thoughtfulness of dropping everything and prepping for a last-minute admissions interview, sending good-luck emails prior to big-work related milestones or helping me go through the final month waiting on the admission decision.
3)     Flexibility re: changes of schedule or mode of communication – email, gtalk, skype, conference calls, etc – I had to travel a lot this year due to work and Yael was always accommodating whenever I had to make a change.

To get into a top b-school, you need a few things in your repertoire – GMAT score, work experience and “Yael”. Thanks Yael for everything!!!
AJ, Zurich, Switzerland,  12/2010 

 IESE Business School, Class of 2013 (Also accepted by HEC MBA)

 Lorsque je me suis mis à la recherche d’un coach pour m’aider dans la préparation de mes dossiers de candidature, j’ai eu beaucoup de mal à identifier lequel serait le mieux placé pour m’aider. Tous semblaient très compétents mais aussi très similaires. J’ai finalement choisi Yael parce que elle s’est montrée très pertinente et très détaillée lors de nos échanges d’e-mail

Je suis très satisfait d’avoir fait ce choix non seulement parce que Yael m’a donné d’excellents conseils pour la préparation de mon dossier, mais aussi, parce que tout au long du processus, elle a été plus impliquée que ce que j’aurai pu espérer. Yael m’a toujours répondu très vite par e-mail, lorsque nous avions a échanger par téléphone, elle a toujours trouvé des créneaux qui me convenaient.

Yael m’a aidé à rédiger mes essais le mieux possible en apportant des corrections détaillées et judicieuses, mais elle a aussi vraiment prêtée attention à mon histoire. En m’écoutant avec autant d’attention qu’elle l’a fait, Yael m’a suggéré des améliorations et des angles de rédaction auxquels je n’avais pas pensé initialement. Elle a su aller au delà d’une prestation d’édition traditionnelle. En faisant l’effort de vraiment me connaitre elle a pu me guider comme peu de gens auraient été capable de le faire. Yael m’a toujours encouragé en étant très positive a toutes les étapes, elle a été à coté de moi tout au long du processus.

Grâce à l’aide de Yael, j’ai été accepté dans 2 de mes premiers choix. Là encore, Yael m’a aidé a me poser les bonnes questions pour déterminer l’école la plus en phase avec mon projet.
C’est très motivant d’être aidé par quelqu’un d’aussi impliqué et professionnel que Yael. Si vous pensez à vous faire aider pour préparer votre dossier de candidature, je vous conseille vraiment de solliciter Yael !

TS, Paris, France, 12/2010

Columbia Business School, Class of 2012 (Accepted to Columbia and NYU Stern)
Thanks to Yael, I was accepted to both NYU Stern and Columbia Business School, the only two schools I applied to.  Although I had always been planning to attend business school in the Fall of 2010, I had not planned on the current economic environment making the process exponentially more difficult and competitive.  Yael provided the personalized application consulting I needed that is simply not offered by any of the GMAT prep or essay editing service providers.

Yael’s first-hand experience from inside the admissions process along with her holistic approach to building an airtight application allowed me to polish my application in ways I never thought possible.  She has a strong grasp on all of the variables involved and how to tackle each one systematically to build the strongest possible package.  Yael was able to pinpoint the crucial areas of strength in my body of experience and help me to express these clearly in my essays and resume.  I can’t thank her enough.
LH, New York, NY
Michigan Ross School of Business, 2012  (Accepted to Ross, Cornell, Georgetown, Darden and UNC)
 Yael has put me in a very hard position—having to choose between the 5 amazing schools I was accepted to for Fall 2010!
I began the admissions process on the later end and was truly struggling to define my strengths and formulate my story. Yael acted as the perfect sounding board for my ideas and used her expertise to help me draw out the highlights in my experience that would best express my personality and goals. I could not have put together such a cohesive and well-crafted storyline without her and I am positive that creating this overall application package, where each element complements and enriches the others, is what secured my acceptances.

 What I did not expect to gain out of this process was a much-needed calming and encouraging influence in what can be an overwhelming process. Yael was always willing to go the extra mile whether it was to edit an essay last minute, open her rolodex to give me a helpful industry expert to contact or simply to send an encouraging text message before an on-campus interview. She really cares about her students and gets to know them not as clients, but as people. It allows her to make the advice, suggestions and ideas she gives extremely personal and infinitely more useful.

JA, New York, NY

UC Berkeley, Class of 2011 (Accepted to Haas Berkeley and Anderson UCLA)
I applied and was accepted to both Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and Anderson UCLA with a GMAT score of 650.
After failing to receive admission from UC Berkeley in 2008, I was determined to try again. Leveraging Yael’s help, I was able to come up with creative ideas and a solid strategy that led me to the admissions offers . Yael’s creativity, focus and experience in the process make her an absolute asset for your application process. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

DN, San-Fracisco, CA
NYU Stern , Class of 2012
I applied to the NYU Stern Part Time Langone Program starting in the fall of 2010. Given the fact that my company agreed to sponsor me late in the process, my timeline to apply was very tight. Taking into account my deadline, Yael was very responsive and gave me a very quick turnaround on the essays, sometimes as fast as a few hours. Moreover, she was able to put forward my strengths and provided me with extremely valuable additional insight on my essays and my resume. Yael really provided me with service “a la carte” taking into account my personality and experience and I was always able to reach out to her if I had questions. At the end of the day and thanks to very strong essays and resume, I was accepted at NYU even though my GMAT was in the lower range. Last but not least, I found that Yael was very responsive to my questions and has always been honest on the billing. I highly recommend Yael as a consultant for MBA admissions.
FM, New York, NY
NYU Stern, Class of 2012
Before working with Yael, my application was turning out to be very average.  I sought help because admission to these top schools becomes more competitive by the year, and I couldn’t afford not to get in.  She was able to identify the unique aspects of my experience and bring those to the forefront to differentiate me from other hopefuls.  With all the applications that they receive looking so similar, that extra edge of having someone who understands the little things these schools value makes all the difference.
MP, Jersey-City, NJ
ESADE School of Business, Spain , Class of 2012
I discovered Yael’s MBA admissions consulting service while in the midst of my MBA application process.  I sent her my resume to look over in preparation for our first meeting, where she gave me advice that completely changed my resume.  Yael not only has great advice, she also has sound explanations that make you fully understand the changes and why you should make them.  It is clear from even a short conversation that Yael understands the application process inside and out and has insight that can benefit anyone’s MBA application.
Since discovering Yael’s service, I have recommended her to all of my friends who are applying to business school.  I love her approach of developing a unique application strategy for each candidate and feel confident that she will help them clarify their goals and best present their experiences to the admissions committees.  I highly recommend Yael to anyone looking to strengthen their MBA application.
SM, San-Francisco, CA
University of Madison, Class of 2012
 I was lost in the process of MBA admission application. Yael helped me prepare a great application and now I am admitted to one of the top MBA programs in the Midwest. I was confused on what to say and what not to say in the application essays, interview and resume. Yael helped me navigate through and simplified the complexities of the application process. At the end of the day, she turned my average looking application into a winning one. When I hit the submit button, I was quite confident that I would be admitted. Thanks Yael!!

NYU Part-time program, Class of 2012
“J’ai postule pour le Part Time MBA de NYU Stern qui commence au printemps 2010. Mon entreprise ayant accepte de me sponsoriser relativement tard dans le process, il me restait tres peu de temps pour preparer mon dossier. Yael, prenant en compte mon temps limite, a ete tres reactive sur mes essays et CV, parfois revenant vers moi au bout de quelques heures seulement. De plus, Yael a vraiment ete capable de mettre en avant mes qualites et a clairement apporte une importante valeur ajoutee a mon dossier. Un des points forts que je retiens egalement est que Yael m’a fourni un service personalise tout a fait adapte a mes besoins. J’ai finalement ete accepte a NYU malgre un GMAT situe dans le bas de la fourchette. Yael s’est montre tres reactive mais aussi tres honnete sur la facturation.  Je recommande fortement Yael. Bravo!
FM, New York, NY 

Columbia Business School, Class of 2013 (Accepted to Columbia and NYU Stern)
Nachdem ich auf meinen ersten selbstständigen Bewerbungsversuch für ein MBA Programm eine Absage erhalten hatte (NYU’s part-time Programm), wollte ich herausfinden wo das Problem lag und war sehr froh Yael zu finden und von ihrer umfangreichen Erfahrung als MBA Admissions Beraterin zu profitieren. Yael half mir nicht nur meinen Lebenslauf und meine Essays komplett zu überarbeiten und zu verbessern, sondern ermutigte mich zusätzlich, eine Berwerbung für Columbia’s MBA Programm anzufertigen. Kurze Zeit nachdem ich beide Bewerbungen verschickt hatte, erhielt ich einen Admission Letter von der NYU und eine Einladung zum Interview von der Columbia University.
Ich kann wirklich nicht genug gute Dinge über Yael’s Arbeit sagen. Zur Erstellung einer aufschlussreichen, aussagekräftigen und einzigartigen Bewerbung sind sehr genaues Wissen über den MBA Admissions Prozess und die Anforderungen der Hochschule erforderlich. Yael wird diesen Ansprüchen absolut gerecht und achtet sehr darauf, eine individuelle und starke Bewerbung herauszuarbeiten. Ich danke Yael sehr herzlich für das, was sie ermöglicht hat, und empfehle sie sehr als MBA Admissions Beraterin.
UK, New York, NY 12/2010

University of Beijing, Class of 2012
哈囉 大家好,我是來自台灣的DC,目前預計申請2010年MBA秋季班的申請者. 雖然自身擁有外商公司工作經驗,但由於成績不盡理想,故針對學校申請文件, 更需要更高品質為自己加分,故每天在google搜尋申請學校資料的同時,就在眾多MBA諮詢服務當中找到了Yael.(其曾經協助GMAT650的申請者再度申請進入 Berkeley) 再者,Yael過去的經歷- NYU Stern畢業/ 曾在學校adcom工作/ 知名企業任職)也讓他具備”讀人”的功力,就是經過幾次與Yael的溝通,也令我十分驚訝針對一位國際學生,他可以將我的過去經驗 與學校期許的特質提供精闢的見解.

故 在申請過程中,我著實了解了東方與西方思維的差異度與如何”specify”自身個人過去經歷,提供”內外均有料”的essay. 當然也更加發揮我過往在廣告公司說故事的本能,將自身優勢發揮到極致,我個人也著實學習很多. 總之,想要優質專業Top MBA諮詢服務,我很建議使用Yael的服務喔!( 還有提供免費CV & profile preview服務喔 XD)

DC,Taipei, Taiwan